Livingstone’s Legacy 2013

This was a day conference held on 16 March 2013 to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of David Livingstone and reassess his legacy for Africa and Scotland today. The event was jointly sponsored by the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Church History Society.

Conference Speakers
Keynote Speaker The Right Reverend James Tengatenga, Anglican bishop of Southern Malawi “Dr Livingstone, I Presume? The Legacy of David Livingstone in Church and Society”
Other speakers from the University of Edinburgh Dr T. Jack Thompson “Lake Malawi, I Presume? David Livingstone, maps, and the ‘discovery’ of Lake Nyassa in 1859”
Professor Brian Stanley “The Missionary and the Rainmaker: Enlightenment Scotland encounters Africa”
Dr Lesley Orr ” ‘…As long as God has work for me to do’: the mission and impact of Scottish women in Malawi”
Dr Ken Ross “Livingstone’s Legacy: Malawi and Scotland – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”
Conference videos – morning session
Conference videos – afternoon session