James Legge and Scottish Missions to China, June 2015

James Legge
This conference was held in honour of James Legge, the important Scottish missionary-scholar to China, on 11–13 June 2015. Sponsorship for this conference was provided by the Confucius Institute for Scotland and the New College Senate.

The full conference program can be downloaded here. A selection of papers were published as Scottish Missions to China (Brill 2022).

Public Lectures
The Translator’s Identity and Its Paradox
James Legge and Gu Hongming

Yang HuilinYang Huilin is Professor of Comparative Literature and Religious Studies of Renmin University of China. His research interests include theological hermeneutics and interdisciplinary studies of religion and literature. He is the author of many works including China, Christianity, and the Question of Culture (Baylor, 2014).

Pulling the Plank out of One’s Own Eye
Reflective Moments of Transformation gained from James Legge’s Christian Engagement with Notable Chinese Persons

Lauren PfisterLauren Pfister is Professor of the Religion and Philosophy Department of Hong Kong Baptist University. He has published widely on Qing Dynasty philosophy, Ruist-Christian dialogue, and hermeneutics, and including the important two-volume work on James Legge entitled Striving for ‘The Whole Duty of Man’ (Peter Lang, 2004).