Global Christians in Edinburgh

Global Christians in Edinburgh

The ‘Global Christians in Edinburgh’ project is an important shift of the work of the Centre for the Study of World Christianity, which has historically focused on the global diversity of Christianity outside of Scotland. This project brings light to the world here—in Edinburgh. It hopes to make the Centre a resource and a place for dialogue and discovery, for Christians and for scholars studying Christianity, both locally and worldwide. The project reminds us that Christianity continues to be vibrant and relevant in a Britain that is often described as ‘secularising’. For Christian practitioners, this project affirms the ways Christian mission is still very much a contemporary and critical issue in Scotland today.

From December 2022 to June 2023, the project sought to offer a baseline of the global diversity of Christianity in Edinburgh and the collaborative efforts of these communities. It coincides with a historic period of both downturn in many historic Edinburgh churches and upsurge in Christianity amongst migrants coming from Africa, Asia, Latin American, Oceania, and other parts of Europe, resulting in the creation of new fellowships, (sub)congregations, and worship services/mass. The full report can be found online.

As part of the report, we discuss three models communities are formed: autonomous church (model A), international church (model B), and Global Christian fellowship (model C). Below, please find a list of Global Christian communities we have identified in Edinburgh, with a few added after the report was published in July 2023 (marked with ‡):

NameModelPrimary Language(s)Tradition
Acts Church, EdinburghBEnglishPentecostal
African and Caribbean Christian FellowshipCEnglishN/A
Apostolic Faith Church, EdinburghBEnglishPentecostal
Asian ConcernCEnglishN/A
Assemblies of God, ADECAN EdimburgoAPortuguesePentecostal
Assemblies of God, Fijian Assembly of GodAFijianPentecostal
Assemblies of God, Hebron Christian AssemblyAMalayalam, EnglishPentecostal
Assemblies of God, Victory House ChapelBEnglishPentecostal
Baptist Union, South Leith Baptist Church, Brazilian FellowshipCPortugueseBaptist
Chinese Evangelical Church in EdinburghACantonese, Mandarin, EnglishEvangelical
Christ Apostolic Church, House of Prayer, EdinburghBEnglishPentecostal
Christ Embassy, Loveworld EdinburghBEnglishPentecostal
Christ Kingdom Victory Church of GodBEnglishPentecostal
Church of God, Hosanna RomanianARomanianPentecostal
Church of God, Rehoboth the Living ChurchATamil, EnglishPentecostal
Church of Pentecost, Edinburgh Assembly Akan BEnglishPentecostal
Church of the Nazarene, Clermiston, Brazilian FellowshipCPortugueseNazarene
Cumberland Presbyterian, Hong Kong Christian Church in EdinburghACantonesePresbyterian
Deeper Christian Life Ministries, EdinburghBEnglishPentecostal
Eagles Flight International Gospel CentreBEnglishPentecostal
Edinburgh Chinese Christian ChurchACantoneseEvangelical
Edinburgh Korean ChurchAKoreanPresbyterian
Edinburgh Korean Grace ChurchAKoreanPresbyterian
Edinburgh Japanese ChurchAJapaneseEvangelical
Embassy of the Word of GodBEnglishPentecostal
Fijian FellowshipCFijianN/A
Free Church of Scotland, Cornerstone, Spanish ServiceCSpanishPresbyterian
Freedom Centre International, EdinburghBEnglishPentecostal
German-Speaking Congregations of Edinburgh/AberdeenAGermanLutheran
Greek Orthodox, St AndrewAEnglish, Greek, Slavonic, RomanianOrthodox
God’s Covenant Revival for All NationsBEnglishPentecostal
Gospel of Grace International MinistryBEnglishPentecostal
Holy Ghost ChapelBEnglishPentecostal
Immanuel Praise ChurchAMalayalamPentecostal
Living God ChurchAFilipinoPentecostal
Livingstone Christian Church EdinburghACantoneseEvangelical
Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, St MaryAMalayalamOrthodox
Mar Thoma Church, St AndrewsAMalayalam, EnglishOrthodox
Methodist Church, Fijian Methodist FellowshipCFijianMethodist
Methodist Church, Zimbabwean Methodist FellowshipCShonaMethodist
Mountain of Fire and Miracle, EdinburghBEnglishPentecostal
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Edinburgh TabernacleBEnglishPentecostal
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Freedom House EdinburghBEnglishPentecostal
Redeemed Christian Church of God, House of RefugeBEnglishPentecostal
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Oasis ParishBEnglishPentecostal
Redeemed Christian Church of God, House of His GloryBEnglishPentecostal
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Inspiration HouseBEnglishPentecostal
Redeemed Christian Church of God, King of GloryBEnglishPentecostal
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Morning StarBEnglishPentecostal
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Open HeavensBEnglishPentecostal
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Potter’s HouseBEnglishPentecostal
Redeemed Christian Church of God, Tabernacle of Grace MusselburghBEnglishPentecostal
Remnant Christian NetworkBEnglishPentecostal
Restoration Royal Mega ChurchBEnglishPentecostal
Roman Catholic, Sacred Heart, Filipino MassCFilipinoCatholic
Roman Catholic, Ss Ninian and Triduana, Polish MassCPolishCatholic
Roman Catholic, St Margaret Mary, Polish MassCPolishCatholic
Roman Catholic, St Mary’s Cathedral, Polish MassCPolishCatholic
Roman Catholic, St Cuthbert, African and Caribbean MassCEnglishCatholic
Romanian Orthodox Church in EdinburghARomanianOrthodox
Ross ChapelAKoreanPresbyterian
Russian Orthodox Church in EdinburghARussianOrthodox
Salem International Christian Centre, EdinburghBEnglishPentecostal
Scottish Episcopal Church, Christ Church Morningside, Hungarian Service ‡CHungarianEpiscopal
Scottish Episcopal Church, St Salvador, Polish ServiceCPolishEpiscopal
Scottish Telugu Christian FellowshipCTeluguBaptist
True Jesus Church, FettesACantonese, EnglishPentecostal
True Jesus Church, Gifford ParkACantonese, EnglishPentecostal
Ukrainian Catholic Church, Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Pochayiv AUkrainianCatholic
United Free Church of Scotland, Corstorphine Community Church, Hong Kong Circle ‡CCantonese, EnglishPresbyterian
Winners Chapel International, EdinburghBEnglishPentecostal
Zimbabwean FellowshipCShonaN/A

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