COP26 at New College

The Centre is leading New College’s participation in this year’s COP26 programme as a way of showing faith and community-based support for climate change awareness. As part of this, we have invited contributions of patches from various faith communities and organisations that will be sewn onto gigantic banners which will hang down the iconic twin-towers. Here are two submissions by Hillhead Baptist Church, Glasgow and Mannofield Church, Aberdeen that we are immensely pleased to have received. They comprise two patches and a beautifully written note that captures the very essence of what this project is about. We hope it inspires you to give it a go!

Mannofield Church
Hillhead Baptist Church

The Note from Hillhead Baptist Church:

I am delighted to send to you this ‘patch’ which was created by members and friends of Hillhead Baptist Church in Glasgow.

The inspiration was partly a collage our Sunday School children made some years ago based on the story of the miraculous catch of fish, partly our own logo, which includes a flowing river, partly our proximity to the Clyde and kelvin rivers, and of course partly a desire to care for our beautiful planet.

The materials are all reused, reclaimed or recycled… fabric includes off-cuts from making face-masks during the pandemic and a colorful scarf that someone brought home years ago from a visit to the far east; there is a fish cut from a plastic carrier bag and bright green lining material torn from an old garment. The thread used to sew it all together was donated by a friend in Cornwall who can no longer sew, and the domestic sewing machine we used was donated by a retired missionary who had taken it with her when she served in India.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then this patch does too! It is a story of faith, a story of hope, a story of people across the world who care for our planet.

We hope that it may bring joy to others who see it in the coming weeks.

Catriona Gorton (Minister Hillhead Baptist Church)

We are greatly inspired by this wonderful contribution and immensely grateful for it. A million thanks to all who had a hand in it! There’s still time to make a submission. Please see our official COP26 website for more details.