Centre Students Receive Doctoral Awards

Drs Marteijin, Fubara-Manuel and Schouten, with supervisors Profs Brian Stanley and Emma Wild-Wood & Dr Joshua Ralston

Four students from Centre for the Study of World Christianity received their doctoral awards at the University of Edinburgh graduation ceremony last week. They were among sixteen doctoral students and about 60 undergraduates from the School of Divinity. Many congratulations to:

Elizabeth Marteijn for her thesis, ‘Between Ruins and Remnants: Religious Reinvention and Renewal among Christians in West Bank Palestine.’

Jessie Fubara-Manuel for her thesis, ‘The Role of Christian Faith for Women Living with Disabilities and HIV in South-South Nigeria.’

Lucy Schouten for her thesis ‘ “Everyone has a story”: Jordanian Churches Reimagine Middle Eastern Christianity in Response to Refugees.’

Matheus Reis for his thesis ‘Brazilian Evangelicos in Diaspora in South Florida: Identity, Ecclesiology and Mission.’

Dr Reis with his degree

Each of these theses represent a profound knowledge and understand of an area of World Christianity. Together the titles demonstrate the breadth of interest that we have at the Centre for the Study of World Christianity.

All four graduates worked hard through the pandemic to reach this point. They also expanded the Centre community: Elizabeth gave birth to Adam; Lucy gave birth to Meggie and Crispin, having met and married her husband James, who also graduated with a PhD in Science and Religion. Jessie’s two supervisors are also alumnae of the Centre. Liz Grant started her PhD in 1987 under Andrew Walls when the Centre opened in Edinburgh.

Dr Fubara-Manuel with her first and second supervisors, Profs Emma Wild-Wood and Liz Grant

We wish our graduates all the very best for the future.

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About Emma Wild-Wood

Dr Emma Wild-Wood completed her PhD in the Centre for the Study of World Christianity at the University of Edinburgh under Dr Jack Thompson. She taught in Bunia in DR Congo and in Uganda for a number of years. Before coming back to Edinburgh, Emma was the Director of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide and Lecturer in World Christianities in the Faculty of Divinity of the University of Cambridge.

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