The Life and Death of Eric Liddell and the Rebirth of Chinese Christianity

Saturday 3rd February, 10am – 12:30pm
Playfair Library, Old College, University of Edinburgh EH8 9YL

Eric Liddell is best-known for his athletic achievements, particularly his gold medal in the 400 metres at the Paris Olympics in 1924. In association with the Eric Liddell Community’s celebration of the centenary of that victory, this event will focus on the other aspect of his life, which was perhaps even more important to him, namely his life and work as a Christian missionary and teacher in China.

In this half-day programme, three scholars of the University of Edinburgh will focus on Liddell’s life and work in China, his legacy there, and the subsequent history of Chinese Christianity, worldwide and in China itself.

  • Prof. Brian Stanley (Professor Emeritus of World Christianity, School of Divinity), ‘The Last Days of Eric Liddell and the Last Days of Mission Christianity in China’.
  • Dr. Alexander Chow (Senior Lecturer in Theology and World Christianity, School of Divinity), ‘Chinese Christianity amongst the New Scots’.
  • Dr. Mark McLeister (Lecturer in Chinese Studies, Asian Studies), ‘Christianity in China Today’.

There will also be opportunity for questions, and for discussion. Supported by:

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